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Donovan Matthews offers personal service and consultation to each group they serve, regardless of their size. All components of the employer's goals for their benefit plans are taken into consideration when evaluating plans and placement of coverage. We represent all group health carriers in the New York market.

Ongoing service for claims resolution, administrative problem solving and providing updates to employee benefit, payroll and credit card processing laws and issues is the key element to the success of Donovan Matthews Company.

Whether your business has two employees, 200 or 2000 we are confident that we can help your business develop the employee benefit plan that represents your business philosophy and develop a strategy to stay within your budget.

Let us customize an employee benefits program that gives your employees a valuable benefit package. We understand the benefits you offer directly impacts employee retention, moral and employee satisfaction.

Donovan Matthews is committed to providing high levels of products and services with experts in the field. Our firm focuses on strategy planning to minimize rising costs and believes in 100% transparency.
Certified brokers to help you understand and purchase New York State SHOP and Individual Exchange Products.
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